Do business with people you trust!

To make sure that your freight exchange community comprises trustworthy business partners we apply a strict approval process to new customers. Only verified and reliable transport professionals can access the Teleroute freight exchange. So you know you are doing business with reputable companies.

All new customers go through our verification process which cross-checks all of the information provided by the new company against public and business databases. No company is given access before having successfully passed all checks.

Once a company is approved as a trusted partner, its public profile is then published in the Teleroute Transport Company Directory including any information given by the new partner for increased assurance. There are three different levels of verification so you can do business with confidence.

Before closing a business deal with an unknown party, check out their verification level using your Transport Company Directory and reassure yourself with all of the available information about your potential new business partner.

The verification level has no contractual or legal value and is without prejudice to the customer’s proper verification obligations. ALPEGA Group shall not be responsible, and expressly disclaims all liability, for any consequences regarding incorrect information or the assessment of the verification level.

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