Transport company directory

Know who you do business with!

When you're interested in a freight or vehicle offer, but you want to know more about the company - use the Transport Company Directory. It provides relevant information on thousands of European transport companies - your potential new business partners.

  • Looking for a transport company doing regular routes in France? A warehouse in Spain or Germany perhaps? The odds are you’ll find it in our Directory! Find what you are looking for quickly and easily with our high-performance search function. Once you have a list of search results, use different filters to optimize your results. The most complete company profiles will be shown on top of your list. 

  • Only certified Teleroute customers are listed and can view and edit information. That’s how we ensure quality information.

  • Remember to update your own information – you’ll be listed in the Directory too. Update your company profile in just a few clicks and provide useful information such as key contacts, address information, preferred languages, regular routes, warehouse facilities and much more. This way, benefit from FREE advertising for YOU! Remember: keep your company profile up-to-date if you want to be highly ranked on search result lists.

  • Don't waste time: the Directory will help you find what you’re looking for without wasting time searching the Internet or phone directories. For quality information in seconds – just ‘Type, search and find!’

  • Avoid spelling mistakes: when operating in an international business environment, misunderstandings at the initial contact stage may lead to difficulties later. To prevent this, each customer has a unique Teleroute ID number with their company information attached. The Teleroute ID number is also a ‘certified quality label’ to communicate to your partners.

  • My Preferred companies: make a list of companies you do regular business with or partners you would like to contact in the near future. You can even add personal notes and comments. Consider it your personal and fully up-to-date address book!

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