Tips for a Safe Market Place

Golden rules for smooth operations

Stay focused on your business and avoid potential problems by following these golden rules.
  1. Know who you are working with. This means you must have a robust carrier qualification process and follow it consistently. Always ask for identification – the Personal Teleroute ID should be asked for at all times. Note it down and verify it in the Transport Company Directory. Contact the other party through the landline telephone number provided in the Transport Company Directory.
  2. Passwords must be kept secret at all times and should not be shared. It is recommended to change them on a regular basis and ensure high levels of internet security for your e-mail. Notify Teleroute immediately when an employee leaves the company to lock passwords in use.
  3. Contact without delay Teleroute in case of doubt about misuse of access code or if you encounter something that seems to be outside the normal working procedure.
  4. Always ask for a copy of the licence and ID documents of the transport, the driver and the transportation company.
  5. Shield and store any proprietary information and or internal processes, such as negotiation positions and pricing strategy.
  6. Focus on the "hot spots" and "hot times." Thefts occur more frequently on weekends (especially Saturdays) and they spike during holiday periods. So, focus your security efforts in the places and times they are most likely to occur.
  7. Never share information with strangers about loads, routes or final destination.
  8. Keep the cargo moving. The longer a loaded truck sits unattended, the higher the risk for theft. Collect data on where (and for how long) loaded trucks sit along your supply chain to understand where you face the greatest risk for cargo theft.
  9. Protect your loads and implement a secure alarm system.
  10. Try to park the truck in a safe space. A list of parking is available for download from the site

If problems do arise, we are there to support you. You can count on our customer services: our local teams dedicated to Debt Mediation are available to answer your questions or help solve issues like unpaid bills or missing freight. Teleroute’s success rate is over 80% and in 2011, we recovered over €1 million in unpaid invoices for users like you.

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