STAR index

The STAR (Safety Transport Algorithm Rating) index is an essential business indicator on the freight and vehicle exchange and an integral part of our Safe Market Place commitment. The index gives users an overview of the credibility, reputation and quality of service of other Teleroute users. It is calculated on the basis of several objective criteria:

  • Customer Reviews - The best indication of performance and reliability is what your customers are saying about you. Every recommendation counts towards an improved STAR index.
  • Regular usage - The more regularly you are using the Teleroute Freight Exchange the more chance you have to increase your STAR index
  • Timely Payments - Paying your invoices on time will generate you a better STAR index. Similarly, delayed payments will have a negative impact on your index.

The STAR index thus truly reflects customer behaviour on the freight exchange. Not only will you be able to see your STAR index but also the index of other customers using the freight exchange. Based on a number of objective criteria, the STAR index is a reliable reflection of a company’s reputation.

What do you need to do to get more stars? Follow our tips here.

The STAR index is provided for guidance purposes only and the index nor its publication have any contractual or legal value. ALPEGA Group shall not be responsible, and expressly disclaims all liability, for any consequences arising from the publication of this information.

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