Debt mediation

Count on Teleroute if there’s a bump in the road

Our local Teleroute teams are available to answer your questions or resolve any issues. They provide mediation and complaint resolution services that help you settle issues like unpaid bills or missing freight.

Our Debt Mediation service helps to collect overdue invoices issued by transport companies to freight forwarders. We hold all members to our high standards and we enforce those standards consistently through negotiation, suspension or termination of their contract.

  • Stop chasing unpaid invoices yourself: Teleroute relieves you from a difficult and labour-intensive job.
  • Reward yourself with our high rate of success: we solve more than 80% of cases
  • Sanctions for (recurring) debtors: a Teleroute International Business Security Panel judges these cases and defines the appropriate actions.
  • Turn in your cross-border invoices as well: thanks to our international coordination you no longer have to worry about mediation discussions in another language.

Price: €10 for every case filed, and 30€ extra for every successfully resolved case.

The Debt Mediation service in no way entails an obligation for ALPEGA Group to achieve a specific result. ALPEGA Group shall not be responsible, and expressly disclaims all liability, for any undesirable results of the provided service.

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