Code of Conduct

Commit to clear rules for a quality service

Compiled with the input of our customers, the Teleroute Code of Conduct comes in addition to the framework of professional standards, laws, regulations, Teleroute Terms & Conditions and internal policies, and lays down the behaviour expected of the users of our freight and vehicle exchange. The Code of Conduct is therefore a gentlemen’s agreement, and is neither mandatory not legally binding.

However, by committing to it, a company undertakes to respect the conditions and to accept the sanctions that might be imposed in case of breaches. By signing it, you prove to thousands of transport professionals that you are a quality partner and that you are part of a community where clear rules guarantee a quality service.

As a Teleroute customer you can subscribe to the Code of Conduct online. Once you have committed to it, your company profile in the Teleroute Transport Company Directory will be updated with the Code of Conduct label. Keep it in mind when searching for a potential business partner.

If you notice that one of your business partners signed the Code of Conduct but is not acting in accordance with the rules, please help us to maintain the integrity of the market place and report any abuse. Our International Business Security Panel will analyze the breaches and take appropriate action.

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