Safe Market Place

Your business is safe. Freight and vehicle exchange is big business and in most cases a safe market place.
But should you worry ?

Check out the Safe Market Place area at Teleroute to understand why you are operating within a secure environment with reliable providers, proven payment services and quality recognition. More information is available on the public website of Teleroute.

Debt Management Services

Making sure that you get paid.
Are you looking for an international partner who helps you recover your unpaid invoices ?


Code of Conduct

Promoting the right behaviour.
Do you want to be part of a community where clear rules guarantee a high quality service from every member? Prove that you are a quality partner by accepting the Code of Conduct.


Safety Transport Algorithm Rating

Check out your STAR index!

Do you want to know how you and other companies are behaving on the Teleroute Freight and Vehicle Exchange?


My preferred and non preferred companies

Do you want to be more efficient and optimize your way of working? Set up your preferred and non preferred companies list and optimize your search.


IT Security

Ensuring the highest quality and security.
Do you want to be sure of a freight exchange service based on quality standards using secure operational and technical processes ?



Checking the reliability of your contact.

Do you want to do business correctly and transparently with people that you can trust to do the same ?

Debt Mediation by Teleroute

We provide a mediation service to help you recover your unpaid freight exchange invoices. Our local Teleroute mediation team will directly contact your debtor to help you get paid. This service is payable and is linked to specific conditions.

• To find out more about our best effort service, click here.
• To initiate a Debt Mediation Case, click here.

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STAR (Safety Transport Algorithm Rating)

What is the Safety Transport Algorithm Rating?
The Transport Algorithm Rating - STAR is an index that is part of our portfolio of 'Safe Business Indicators' (such as Verification level and Financial Rating), to help you to evaluate a company in order to decide whether or not to engage in business activities with them. The STAR is based on several objective criteria which are related to the behaviour of a company on the Freight and Vehicle Exchange and its individual usage of Teleroute services.

How is the STAR calculated?
We have developed a unique algorithm that aggregates all of the information sources, where we can identify the behaviour of the users on the Freight and Vehicle Exchange into one final score. The STAR is based on historical usage, direct investigations and experience of analysts, which are available within Teleroute. The calculation of the STAR is made in real time. The STAR and the publication thereof have no contractual or legal value and are only provided as an indication. Teleroute cannot be held responsible for any consequences related to this information.

Where do you find STAR?
You will be able to see STAR in the 'Safe Business Indicators' tab of your or any company in the company directory, or in your 'Safe Business Indicators' tab on your home page.

How to improve your STAR?
As the key to your STAR is your behaviour, improvements can be made by frequent usage and ensuring that no bad debt cases are opened against you. By improving your STAR you will be able to position your company as a more reliable business partner.

Where can you consult the STAR of other Teleroute users?
The STAR of other Teleroute users is available in the Transport Company profiles of each company, under 'Safe Business Indicators'.

Some companies do not have a STAR - why?
All companies that are flagged as 'New' in the Transport Company Directory will not be assigned a full STAR for the first 3 months. Information held by Teleroute for the new companies is not representative and would not allow us to provide you with a reliable STAR based on observed behaviour. All companies that have no usage in the past 12 months will be flagged as '0 Usage' until they resume activity and begin earning new stars. All companies that have the label 'New' or '0 Usage' who do not have a STAR are active on the Freight and Vehicle Exchange but have not yet earned a STAR based on their behaviour.

How to interpret the STAR?
The STAR is a representation of several indicators which are associated to a company, such as: usage, credibility, service and quality. The STAR can range from 0 to 3 stars.

The STAR can be categorized using the values below:
3 stars - Excellent
2 stars - Good
1 star - Average
NEW - user active on Freight and Vehicle Exchange for less than 3 months
0 Usage - user not active on Freight and Vehicle Exchange for over 12 months

What is the impact of the Debt Mediation and Abuse Reporting service?
Each Debt Mediation case or abuse reported to Teleroute is logged in our Customer Management System, and is input for the algorithm. Therefore, Teleroute counts on its users to file all information related to misbehaviour of other users.

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Code of Conduct

Compiled with the input of our customers, Teleroute has launched the Code of Conduct, which in addition to the framework of professional standards, laws, regulations, Teleroute terms & conditions and internal policies, lays out the behaviours expected by the users of our Exchange.

Signing up to the Code of Conduct is not mandatory, but it is an agreement of behaviour to enable Teleroute users to contribute to the safety of the Freight and Vehicle Exchange and to do business with other users under the best possible conditions.

The Code of Conduct is therefore a gentlemen's agreement, and is not legally binding. However, by committing to the Code of Conduct, the signatory states that all employees of his company will respect the Code of Conduct in their day-to-day business activities through both personal leadership and business practice.

An International Business Securty Panel at Teleroute will evaluate all breaches of the Code of Conduct that have been reported to, or observed by, Teleroute and take appropriate actions/sanctions. This may include the exclusion of your company from the Code of Conduct community or suspension/termination of your contract.

Code of Conduct

I clearly state that I fully understand the concept of this Code of Conduct and that I am authorized to commit my company to it, the rules of which are:

1. To always have a written contract, respect the terms and conditions therein, and in particular the payment terms of the invoices, 
2. To commit to deliver a quality of service that reflects the professional capabilities of, and is appropriate for, the specific issues and needs of Teleroute users,
3. To reject unethical or illegal business practices in all circumstances,
4. To respect all security rules and to keep specific information confidential in order to not jeopardize the security,
5. To respect social laws and regulations such as driving times, labour contracts and working permits,
6. To act professionally and with integrity,
7. To inform Teleroute of any changes in my company related to the use of the Freight Exchange (such as changes in the information of my company profile).

Warning: The following information has no contractual or legal value and cannot be binding in any way. Teleroute cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of this data.

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My preferred and non preferred companies

What is 'My preferred and non preferred companies' ?
By preferring a company, an offer posted by your preferred partners will be flagged with a  in your search results. The preferred company will see your recommendation and the total number of recommendations is visible to the entire community, as well as taking into account the company's STAR. By non preferring a company, the offers posted by these companies are flagged with a  in your search results.

Why should you mark 'preferred' for a company?
If you had a good experience working with someone you found on Teleroute than you should prefer them. Next time this company posts an offer that matches your search criteria, you see that the offer is from a preferred company, so you can give priority to buying this offer.

Why should you mark 'non preferred' for a company?
If you had a bad experience with a company you can choose to add it to your non preferred list. Next time this company posts an offer that matches your search criteria you will be able to immediately identify that the offer is not relevant for you.

How to add a company to your preferred list
Look up the company in the Transport Company Directory and open the company's profile. Click on the 'Preferred' button. Select the reason and add your comments.

How to add a company to your non preferred list
Look up the company in the Transport Company Directory and open the company's profile. Click on the 'Non preferred' button. Select the reason and add your comments.

How to remove a company for my preferred and non preferred companies' dashboard?
Look up the company in your 'My preferred and non preferred companies' dashboard and select the company's profile. Click on the 'Remove' button.

What is the consequence for preferred/ non preferred customers?
By adding a company to your preferred list you will help this company to improve its STAR index. By non preferring a company there is no consequence.

Is this visible to all Teleroute users?
If you flag a company as your preferred partner, the company will be notified that you recommended them and the number of recommendation of that company will increase in their company profile but other users will not be able to see who has recommended a company.

The Non preferred company list is appropriate to you and is only visible for you.

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IT Security

Teleroute takes your safety and security very seriously. Using only best-of-breed technologies and supported by leading engineers, developers and market experts, Teleroute provides a freight and vehicle exchange service based on the highest quality standards.

This includes :
Reliable services with 99.98% guaranteed availability : 

  • All critical Teleroute system components and the data center are built with redundancy, which means that if one system/data center shuts down, the redundant system/data center ensures business continuity.
  • Our web servers and network equipment are hosted in highly secure facilities provided by a proven industry leader. 

Fast system response time with real-time updates and on-line transactions :

  • Flexible and Multi-channel product access via client application, web browser or mobile device.

Highly secured products to improve customer experience :

  • All Teleroute services and sites requiring authentication are accessible using the secure protocol HTTPS only (via SSL - Secure Socket Layer).
  • All data communication between users and Teleroute is encrypted.

By investing in the latest technologies and innovations, Teleroute remains at the cutting-edge of online and real-time freight exchange services. It will continue to do so to improve the efficiency and profitability of its transport and logistics customers and take them to the next level of freight exchange.

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The Teleroute verification process refers to the validation of the information that a company has provided during the registration process. The outcome of this process results in the acceptance (or not) of a company as customer, and the publication of the verification level on the company's public profile in the Transport Company Directory.

The entire Teleroute customer base is categorized into 3 levels of verification which indicate to which extent Teleroute has verified the information about the customer :

Teleroute is currently doing additional safety checks on this Company that is a new customer.

Teleroute has verified that the company name and address are correct, and that the company has been in business for more than 6 months.

We can confirm that all of the following company details have been verified : 

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • VAT number or Company registration number
  • Business address
  • We have had direct contact with a manager in the company.
  • We have verified that the company has been in business for more than 6 months. 

We are in possession of a valid copy of one or more certificates that belong to this company. These certificates are issued by formally recognized organizations. Examples include :

  • AEO
  • ISO
  • TUV
  • An audit certification
  • Transport insurance
  • SQAS
  • Qualimat

If you wish to achieve level 3 verification, please fax a copy of one or more of these documents to us on +48 22 539 5831 and make sure that you include your Teleroute number on it. Once approved by us, your company will become level 3 verified.

For more details, please consult the Safe Market Place area on our corporate website.

Please note : The verification levels and the publication thereof have no contractual or legal value, and Teleroute cannot be held responsible for any consequences related to this information or the verification level. All customers that join Teleroute from 2010 onwards have been following this international process, and all customers that joined prior to this have followed other local processes and have been granted a level 2 verification under the condition that they provided all information requested by Teleroute.

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