That’s a matter of fact, your old product is not maintain anymore & will be closed definitively soon. So what? Be proactive & take advantage of the new product: in less than 10 minutes you will be comfortable and efficient with your new FX. So call +32 9 145 75 12, we will demonstrate our promises and convince you!
  1. Why there is new version?

  2. When will it be launched/available for me?

  3. How will it affect my previous user experience?

  4. How will you help me getting familiar with these changes so that I can work as usual?

  5. What new-added values does Teleroute offer me?

  6. Do I have to pay more for the new version?

  7. How will I migrate to the new version?

  8. Will my data (contacts, freights, searches) be automatically transferred to and remain in the new version?

  9. Could I still log into the old version after the migration?

  10. What are the new functionalities available in the new version?

  11. Are there current functionalities missing in the new version?

  12. What number do I call for Help?

  13. What is the connection with the Community Manager?

  14. Can I bookmark the FX page url like before?

  15. How to disable /enable notification on Chrome:

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